Carlisle Institute CEO breakfast series

Which ideas and innovations have the power to change the world?

Each month over breakfast, the Carlisle Institute helps to answer that question by hosting key presentations by guest speakers from around the world who are shaping our future. This reflects and extends the Carlisle Institute’s public mission to democratize knowledge by providing attendees with exposure to speakers who will discuss the leading edge in business, science, technology and related fields.

The Carlisle Institute aims to capture the drumbeat and excitement of an extraordinary and expressive range of ideas and share them with the world. Speakers will offer insights on topics ranging from sustainable energy to innovation to technology and entrepreneurship. Together, these presentations by world-class thinkers and doers will produce an atlas of great ideas and paths to new worlds. An opportunity to engage speakers will follow the presentations.

A permanent knowledge archive will be created as all presentations and discussions will be recorded and made available on the Carlisle Institute website as free, on-demand videos, often with separate interviews and discussions, available 24/7 to viewers anytime, worldwide. Carlisle maintains a 52-week publishing schedule and publishes new videos usually in the order the event occurred. Each video is presented full length and uncut. Generally, new videos are published two to ten weeks after the event.

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