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Peter Lindfield is the chair and CEO of the Carlisle Institute, a research centre and think tank focused on the impact of globalization on Canada.

He is also chair and former president and CEO of Balanced Viewpoint, a provider of international conferences focused on the global supply chain. Balanced Viewpoint has hosted the annual Worldsourcing conference in Canada since 2006. Prior to Balanced Viewpoint, Mr. Lindfield has been vice president with EDS Canada, vice president with SHL Systemhouse and managing partner with OCG. He is a recognized authority on business strategy, outsourcing and shared services and is a frequent speaker to business audiences across North America on the emerging challenges to global economic growth.

After receiving a BA (Political Science/Economics) from McMaster University and Carleton University and an MA (Political Science) from Carleton University, Mr. Lindfield studied for a doctorate in political philosophy also at Ottawa’s Carleton University where he was a member of the research teams for the Technology Competitiveness Program and the Organizational Change in Government Program.

His forthcoming book on of the global re-alignment of economic activity and the impact on Atlantic Canada is titled "Whistling Past the Graveyard" and is slated for publication in 2012. He also writes a twice-weekly column focused on politics, business and international issues for the Telegraph-Journal.

He has served as director of a number of business and non-profit organizations including the Canadian Centre for Business‐Government Relations, the Information Technology Alliance of Nova Scotia (now Digital Nova Scotia), the Atlantic Provinces Chambers of Commerce, the York Sunbury Museum Society and the Management Research Laboratory. He is past chair of the New Brunswick Chamber of Commerce and director of the New Brunswick Salmon Council. He is also the Atlantic regional director of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA). He lives overlooking the Saint John River with his wife Nicole Schuchard.

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